How to Prepare, Seal and Maintain Your Interlocking Pavers and Bricks

October 24, 2016 · · Pavers, Sealer · 0 Comments

When you have unsealed interlocking pavers you run the risk of fading, staining and dirt buildup. Thankfully, with a proper sealing and maintenance your pavers can stay looking new, durable and in pristine condition for years to come. By using a quality sealer for your interlocking pavers you can protect your brick and other types.

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How To Install Interlocking Pavers For Your Patio

October 15, 2016 · · Pavers · 0 Comments

What are Interlocking Pavers? Interlocking pavers are concrete tiles that can be placed together to form walkways, decking, patios or driveways. They fit tightly next to one another and can be arranged in a variety of different configurations to match any size or shape. Their interlocking feature makes them easy to install on your own..

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