"We have been building decks and improving homes in Massachusetts for more than 10 years. From beautiful composite and hardwood decks to economical pressure treated wood decks, we have something to offer within every budget. "

Nice Deck

"While there are many contracting companies out there who would like to provide you with a cookie cutter deck for your home, our team at the MasonWorks knows how important the uniqueness of each decking space is. As local residents of Greater Boston Area, we are also intimately aware of how important it is for. "


"Our patios have ranged from small to extremely large with the use of concrete, stone, flagstone, brick, pavers and Travertine. Custom designed and constructed at times even leading to a new wood deck or elevated patio. Swimming pool decks with custom pool coping leading off onto an oversized patio is always an added benefit for. "

Backyard Greatness

"A great backyard usually starts with a nice patio. We offer many great ideas for patio layouts and textures, but are able to custom-build your patio to utilize your available space in the most efficient and attractive manner possible. With quality craftsmanship, our patios are built to last, and they provide the perfect gateway into. "


"The most critical element to having a yard that is truly enjoyable, and the one that is often overlooked, is landscaping. Carefully planned landscaping can add a whole new dimension of comfort and tranquility to your yard. MasonWorks offers both waterless and natural landscaping solutions, and even offers putting greens for the golf enthusiast. With. "


"Like everything else we design at MasonWorks, our landscaping is done so with an end goal in mind. That is, we look at your entire yard and work backwards to make sure every aspect is tightly integrated and complements every other aspect. This, in our option, is what creates a truly enjoyable yard, and what. "